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Web design CT: Interactive Tutoring Website

Interactive Tutoring Website

Startup website

CollegeTutorOnline is a website that connects students with tutors. Students are able to request for help on a given subject, they get paired up with a tutor, and the two … Continue reading

Web design CT: Photojournalism Website

Photojournalism Website

Blog website

VII is a world-renowned group of photojournalists. They have dozens of skilled photographers contributing from all over the world. We worked with Italian designer de.MO and provided all the technical … Continue reading

Web development CT: Corporate Portal

Corporate Portal

Corporate website

What is a Company Portal? A company portal, also known as a dashboard, is the central system for most or all digital business functions. It typically includes a complex database … Continue reading

Web development CT: Real Estate Auctions

Real Estate Auctions

Startup website

Webkudu is very proud to announce the launch of CT-Auction.com! The idea is simple; CT-Auction is a website where buyers and sellers can bid on real estate online. Sellers, real … Continue reading

Web development CT: Eco-Friendly Health Blog

Eco-Friendly Health Blog

Blog website

Honey Colony is a health blog that focuses on organic, sustainable foods and supplements. Honey Colony is written by a team of editors, who frequently update the blog with high-quality … Continue reading

Web development CT: Tattoo Shop

Tattoo Shop

Business website

Second Skin Tattoo needed a website. Each business has their own specific needs. For a tattoo shop, pictures are king. Before spending their hard-earned cash on something permanent, customers want … Continue reading

Web development CT: Business Transitioning Management

Business Transitioning Management

Corporate website

ESOPMarketplace.com is the premier website for managing Esop-type business ownership transfers. It’s a highly interactive site, with multiple levels of free and paid users. End-users are able to use the … Continue reading

Web development CT: Fashion Design Blog

Fashion Design Blog

Blog website

It’s spring and when those fashionistas over at Style Defined NYC decided it was time to give their website a makeover, we were subcontracted for the job. We were asked … Continue reading

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