Webkudu is a full-service web design and development company in New Haven, Connecticut.

Webkudu was established on April 1st of 2012.  After several years of subcontracting for other web design companies, owner and lead programmer, Ryan Landau, created Webkudu as a small web design company in ct to out the middle-men and deal directly with end clients.

Our clients and projects vary greatly.  We do everything from small business sites with a few pages, to highly customized interactive websites, e-commerce sites, and even startup companies!

We create websites for people who don’t know where to begin and handle everything for them. 
We also help professional web developers who subcontract work on new or existing projects.

Here at Webkudu, we’re all about adapting to your needs.

Owner & Head Kudu, Ryan Landau

Ryan first began his programming career at age 12, when he stumbled upon a GW Basic programming book at the local library.  He was immediately fascinated with programming and soon thereafter moved on to other languages such as Pascal, Visual Basic, and C++.
Ryan Landau

In 1995, when the world wide web was first becoming widely available, Ryan immediately began to learn HTML as part of his hacking computer technology career.

As the technologies matured, he followed them.  Learning javascript, css, perl, sql, and more.  In 2000, he attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute for computer science.

Today his favorite tools of the trade are html5, css3, linux, apache, mysql, php, zend framework, jquery, and wordpress.  As time goes on, those technologies will evolve and we will change with them. Technology gets better every year and staying current is a way of life here at Webkudu.

Straight to the source

Subcontracting is widely common in the web design industry.  Programmers do not necessarily make the best salespeople and vice versa.  There are typically one or more layers of middle men between the average web design company and the end customer.  In fact, subcontracting still remains as a part of our business today.

But that’s changing.  The goal of Webkudu is to connect clients directly with programmers, skipping the middle men.  The result is cheaper costs and direct communication.  It’s not at all uncommon for the average web design company to double- or even triple-subcontract their web sites!

web development subcontracting
Note: Dollar figures are abstract for the purposes of illustration.  Actual costs depend on job specifics.

With Webkudu, the buck stops here and you deal directly with the source.  We believe this gives customers the best possible experience.

web design company in ct

By cutting out the middle men, you get cheaper prices and more efficient communication.

Where to start

If you’re new to our site, you may want to start out by reading our introduction.  Or you can go check out some of our recent work.  Unfortunately, we cannot highlight most of our subcontract work, but our body of Webkudu-branded websites is ever growing!

If you already have a project in mind, please request a quote from us today.  Otherwise, you may want to learn more about our services to see what Webkudu can do for you!