Domain Name Registration

One of the most basic desires of any organization is to get This is a process known as domain name registration. Some of our clients have already purchased their domain name. If that’s the case, Webkudu can direct the domain name you purchased to your new web server. If you don’t have a domain name already purchased, Webkudu can take care of that for you. As a full-service web provider, you don’t have to do anything. Of course, .com is the most popular, but we can register any tld (that you qualify for), including .net, .org, .info, .biz, .me, and more.

Web hosting

The other basic requirement is web hosting. For every website on the internet, somewhere in the world there is a computer serving that website to the public! Extremely large websites like google might need thousands of servers, but one is easily enough for most people. If you already have a web host, that’s fine, Webkudu works to your environment. If you need web hosting, Webkudu is a great choice! Why?

Our servers are extremely fast and well-maintained. Certain very cheap, well-known web hosting companies have hundreds of users all sharing the same server. The result is an overloaded, slow server that’s only adequate for personal sites. Our servers are blazing fast and meticulously maintained.

All new websites come with a FULL YEAR of free hosting!

For only $10/month, Webkudu provides web hosting, maintenance, and support. Our web hosting comes with unlimited space and 10GB traffic/bandwidth per month. For those few clients who need more bandwidth than this, Webkudu offers other hosting plans. However, for the vast majority of clients, this bandwidth is more than enough. Maintenance includes keeping all software updated and attending to any technical issues that may pop up. Staying updated is very important to guard against hacking and spam. Most web hosting includes hosting only and the rest is up to you. Webkudu is here to do everything you need. You’ll also get support. If you have any questions or concerns, we’re always here to help! Support also includes small adjustments to your website for free. As long as you’re hosting with Webkudu, your website will never fall into disarray. We’ve got you covered!

Professional Email Addresses

All of our web packages also include set up for email addresses (Note: We do not charge for this server, however additional fees from email providers may apply). Having your website and your email addresses on your own domain name adds a level of professionalism to your business or organization. After you create email addresses,, you can use any email client, such as Outlook, to use them. You’ll also be able to view your email from your iphone or other mobile device. We can even set you up to use your email account through gmail. Use your favorite email client with with your own custom address!