Efficient MySQL Exists

In the post, we focus on a small, but common SQL improvement. Don’t count on it How many times have you seen fellow developers get a count on something when really they just want to know if it’s > 0? The code will commonly look something like this: In other words, they’re grabbing every matching..

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Examining my privates

For many years, I contemplated my privates with curiosity and confusion. We all know when to make our properties and methods public, but what about the private parts? Just how private should they be? Should our private parts be protected? After many years, I have finally come to a conclusion. In this post, let’s take..

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Stranger Things Alphabet Wall

Stranger Things Lights with Raspberry Pi

Happy Halloween everyone! This year, we’re handing out some spooooky Stranger Things lights powered by a Raspberry Pi. I believe this is the most feature-rich Stranger Things script out there. Demon-strations Terrifying Features Highly randomized 3 routines 3 bulb lighting effects Web-based interface for adding words Virtually infinite amount of auto-generated phrases Compatible with Python..

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