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What is a Company Portal?
A company portal, also known as a dashboard, is the central system for most or all digital business functions. It typically includes a complex database customized for the specific business’s purposes. A portal can be used to manage employees, clients, inventory, expenses, invoices, or just about anything your business requires. Typically, the portal is a shared resource used by all employees in an organization. Different employees would have access to different parts of the portal.

Of course, different business have different needs. When building a business portal website, we work closely with our clients to understand their business needs. The most important component of nearly any portal is a central database for storing all your business’s records. This custom database is where all employees can get information, save, and edit as needed. Once a robust database is in place, we can build nearly any technical feature your business might require.

In this example, our portal website tracks employees, clients, client locations, inventories, change requests, and more. There are millions of separate database records. Yet, using the portal makes finding any information a piece of cake. Those millions of database records get sorted and searched through within nanoseconds. Automated emails get sent out, reports get generated in real time, excel importing and exporting, file attachments, threaded comments, and much more! If you’re in need of a complex system to support your business, you came to the right place! We build portals completely customized for your business requirements. Our systems are easy to use and capable of handling thousands of simultaneous users.

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