Designer Bathroom And Kitchen
Designer Bathroom & Kitchen
Designer Bathroom & Kitchen BUSINESS NEEDS Beauty & Elegance Paini, a.k.a Latoscana, is an Italian designer and manufacturer of high-end faucets and more. Their old website didn't match the beauty and elegance of their products, so they asked us to create something more befitting of the brand. The site showcases their extensive product lineup and..
Airline Accessories
Airline Accessories
Airline Accessories STARTUPS Down to Business AASCO is a local business in Hamden, Connecticut that specializes in the repair of aircraft equipment. They needed a website that explains who they are, what they do, and the list of equipment that they specialize in. All businesses require a website these days. No matter what you specialize..
Startup Company
Real Estate Auctions
Real Estate Auctions STARTUPS The next big thing Webkudu is very proud to announce the launch of! The idea is simple; CT-Auction is a website where buyers and sellers can bid on real estate online. Sellers, real estate agents, or the administrators of the website set up the auctions. They enter in the property..
Law Firm Website
Law Firm
Law Firm PROFESSIONAL WEBSITES A web presence you can trust Sandman Law Group is a group of attorneys based right here in New Haven, CT. They had very simple requirements for their website; they just wanted a basic website that shows all the relevant information about who they are and what they do. This site..
Eco-Friendly Health Blog
Eco-Friendly Health Blog
Eco-Friendly Health Blog STYLE & ONLINE COMMERCE Organic Traffic Honey Colony is a health blog that focuses on organic, sustainable foods and supplements. Honey Colony is written by a team of editors, who frequently update the blog with high-quality content. In addition to their articles, they also sell products online. Their website, which is primarily..
HR Firm Website
HR Firm
HR Firm PROFESSIONAL WEBSITES The look of a professional APT Metrics is an HR Firm that seeks out the best candidates for their clients to hire. When they needed someone to redo their website, they came to Webkudu. They wanted a site that looked highly similar to their last site, but cleaner and more modern...
Tattoo Shop
Tattoo Shop
Tattoo Shop WEBSITES WITH STYLE Websites that fit your business Second Skin Tattoo needed a website. Each business has their own specific needs. For a tattoo shop, pictures are king. Before spending their hard-earned cash on something permanent, customers want to see a portfolio of the artists' work! Additionally, the whole website should just feel..
Fitness Training Website
Fitness Training
Fitness Training WEBSITES WITH STYLE Here's what we do No matter what your business is, having your own website allows you to reach a much larger audience. The owner of Corsofit realizes this. Their old site was functional and okay, but it was time for an update. We were hired to completely redo their website..
Business Planning Application
Business Transitioning Management
Business Transitioning Management CUSTOM INTERACTIVE FEATURES Finding the right people is the premier website for managing Esop-type business ownership transfers. It’s a highly interactive site, with multiple levels of free and paid users. End-users are able to use the provided online tools to help research, plan, and guide through their business ownership transfers. Various..